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Homicide Suspect Apprehension


Sheriff Roy Martin reports that on 12/30/2023 the Boone County Sheriff's Department was informed that Flippin Police had initiated a pursuit of a 2010 Ford Taurus with Maine tags.  Information provided the fleeing vehicle was driven by 20 year old, Spridal Hubiak from Waterville, ME.  Hubiak was wanted by Maine State Police for a homicide that had occurred 3 days prior in their jurisdiction.  Hubiak led Flippin and Marion County Officers on a 30 mile pursuit into Boone County where both Boone County Deputies and Arkansas State Police engaged the fleeing suspect.  Officers successfully spiked the fleeing vehicle.  The fleeing vehicle managed to continue to flee for a distance. The pursuit eventually ended at a gas station in Bellefonte.  Hubiak exited his vehicle armed with an AR style rifle.  The lead officer in the pursuit, identified as Boone County Deputy Tyler Nichols, immediately engaged Hubiak with deadly force.  Hubiak was shot multiple times, disarmed, and taken into custody.  No officers or bystanders were injured during the incident. Hubiak was given medical treatment on scene and transported to the hospital, then flown to Cox South in Springfield where he received additional treatment for his injuries.  The Arkansas State Police conducted a thorough and methodical investigation into the officer involved shooting of Hubiak.  Based on the facts and evidence provided by their efforts, the actions and use of deadly force by Deputy Nichols was found to be justified and appropriate by the Arkansas 14th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney.


Hubiak's injuries have been treated by the hospital and has since been released.  Hubiak was taken into custody by the Greene County Sheriff's Department in Springfield for the outstanding murder charge.  Hubiak remains in their custody at this time with additional charges pending for his actions against the officers in Arkansas.


Sheriff Martin stated he believes Deputy Nichols' actions to apprehend Hubiak with no injuries to officers or citizens resulted in the best possible outcome of the situation.  Deputy Nichols' actions to successfully apprehend Hubiak may have prevented any further loss of life by his hand.  Sheriff Martin expresses his condolences to the family of the victim in Maine.