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Kidnapping Investigation


Press Release - 11/03/2021

4 Arrested Related to a Kidnapping Investigation

Chief Deputy Roy Martin reports that on October 31, 2021 at approximately 0542 hours Officers were advised of a possible kidnapping situation which was suspected to be in progress. Officer's executed a search warrant at 7556 Rally Hill Rd. to look for the reported victim in the case.  Officers found evidence related to the crime present in the home along with a quantity of marijuana that was seized.  The victim was not located at the scene at the time, however was later found and taken to North Arkansas Medical Center where he was treated for injuries.  Allegations were made that the victim owed money for a debt and was bound.  Persons involved physically assaulted the victim as well as threaten them with firearms.  

Four individuals were arrested as a result of the case.  Ashley Hough, 25 and Johnny Dore, 28 from Harrison were charged with Kidnapping, Possession with intent to Deliver, Marijuana, Aggravated Assault, Battery 2nd Degree, Distribution near Certain Facilities, Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms, Committing a Felony with a Firearm, Coercion and Obstruction of Governmental Operations. Co-defendants in the case were identified as Tyler Harp 28 and Cheyenne Phifer 24 of Harrison were also charged with Aggravated Assault, Battery 2nd Degree and Obstruction of Govt Operations.  Hough and Dore are being held without bond and a $50,000.00 bond was set by the court on Harp and Phifer.