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Distracted Driving Press Release


     Sheriff Tim Roberson is pleased to announce that his office has successfully met requirements to obtain a grant that pays his deputies overtime to work special enforcement through the Arkansas Highway Safety Office.  

     This program selects certain weeks out of the year to have extra deputies working DWI, seat belt and distracted driving infractions.  Starting today, October 5th, 2020 through October 12th, 2020 Sheriff Roberson will have Deputies performing extra patrol of our county and state roads enforcing the distracted driving statue.  Distracted driving is described as the following violations: Texting while driving, DWI, child car seat violations, seat belt violations, underage helmet violations and pets in the driver's laps.  

     Sheriff Roberson is proud to secure this funding to help pay deputies to enforce these infractions so they can help keep the citizens of this county and state safe.