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Omaha Shooting Updated Press Release


Press Release - 08/27/2020


Domestic Disturbance / Accident Call leads to arrest


Sheriff Tim Roberson reports that on 08/24/2020 at approximately 10AM the Boone County Sheriff's Department responded to a call of a motorist involved in a single vehicle accident on College St. near the Omaha School.  The caller reported that the driver was unresponsive.  Near the same time a call was received involving a domestic assault at the Richard and Linda Lafee residence on the same street.  61 year old Linda Lafee reported that an assault had taken place between her and her husband in which a gunshot was fired.  Officers that arrived on scene of the accident reported that the driver was 63 year old, Richard Lafee and that he was deceased.  It was discovered that Lafee had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.  Officers responded to the residence where the disturbance call took place to discover that Linda Lafee gave statements implicating her own involvement in the disturbance and knowledge of the shooting.  Although she did not show any visible signs of injury, Linda Lafee was transported to Cox South in Springfield, Mo where she received treatment for an undisclosed medical issue.  Officers also found that 55 year old, Michael Dean Watson was present in the home.  Due to an outstanding warrant for Watson's arrest he was taken into custody.


Through the course of the investigation, investigators believe that Linda Lafee unjustifiably shot her husband multiple times while in the home.  Richard Lafee left the home in his vehicle in an apparent attempt to seek help, but succumbed to the gunshot wounds before he was able to get any medical assistance.  Statements that were received by investigators from Linda Lafee and Michael Watson regarding their involvement in the case were quickly discredited based on physical evidence and statements obtained.  The motive for the incident appears to revolve around a history of relationship conflicts, that has tragically escalated to this shooting.


Linda Lafee who was released from Cox South Hospital was taken into custody by the Greene County Sheriff's Department for the charge of Murder in the 1st Degree.  Lafee is currently being held in the Greene County jail in Missouri awaiting extradition to Arkansas.  Due to Watson's fabricated story to law enforcement and failure to provide help to the victim was charged with felony hindering apprehension or prosecution and remains in custody at the Boone County Sheriff's Department. 


Compliments are given to the Greene County Sheriff's Department who assisted the Boone County Sheriff's Department with security measures at the hospital while the suspect was being treated and then taken into custody upon her discharge.