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Date: 09/24/2019                 *****ALERT*****




          Over the past weeks, the Boone County Arkansas Sheriff's Department has received multiple complaints of a scam being perpetrated on citizens for large amounts of money. The scam may have some variances in its approach but will contain the following common actions or requests:

The caller will identify themselves as being with a law enforcement agency (usually the Boone County Sheriff's Department).


Caller I.D. will show the call generating from the Boone County Sheriff's Department's phone number *(870)741-8404*, or some other local or national Law Enforcement Agency.


There will be some type of criminal issue with the call recipient being in danger of arrest for situations that appear to be reasonable or plausible.


The perpetrator will require the recipient to stay on the call with them while the recipient of the call preforms tasks.


The recipient of the call will be required to obtain money cards from a Wal-Mart, Dollar General or other retail outlets that sell these types of cards. 


When the cards are purchased the call recipient will be asked for the number of the money cards for verification purposes. Once the caller has these numbers the money placed on the cards by the call recipient will be immediately taken by the caller. The SCAM is then completed. The Call recipient's money is gone.



The Boone County Arkansas Sheriff's Department will *NEVER* ask for payment of this kind nor will any other law enforcement agency. If you receive this type of call hang up immediately. Do not offer any personal information.

If you have concerns after receiving a call please contact this department directly and we will inform you of the validity of any issues that may exist.