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Letter from the Sheriff


First and foremost, I am very honored that you have entrusted me to be your Sheriff. I want you to know that I take this elected position very seriously and will do everything in my power during my time as sheriff to provide all my team, coworkers, and the citizens of Boone County the safety they have come to know and expect. As a Boone County resident for over 45 years, I personally know this is one of the best places to live and raise a family. I look forward to working with Boone County employees and all other coordinating departments to ensure a peaceful, safe and pleasant community for all residents by preventing or controlling crime with efficiency and compassion.

A little about myself and history with Boone County. I was born at the Boone County Hospital and lived on a small farm on the Boone and Marion County line. I attended Bruno for the first few years of school, but my father took a position with the Arkansas State Police and my family moved around the state over the next few years.

When I graduated from high school, I joined the United States Marine Corps, received an honorable discharge, and then attended a trade school in Little Rock. There I met my now wife of 46 years, Mona, and after my father's death we decided to move back to Harrison to run the Sands Motel in Harrison and start a family.

I took a job with the Arkansas Highway Police in 1988 and was stationed in Boone County for my entire career until my retirement in 2019, after 31 years of service and thousands of hours of law enforcement training. My wife, Mona, worked in the Harrison School District as a paraprofessional and then later years took a position with the Boone County Assessor's Office where she worked for over 19 years. During those years, Mona and I also had three children who graduated from the Harrison School District.

My goal as Boone County Sheriff is to continue to respectfully serve the citizens of Boone County by providing protection and ethical services to all. I want the citizens of Boone County to know that I have the drive, commitment and ideas to ensure many more successful advances in law enforcement for the citizens of Boone County in the upcoming years as your Sheriff.

I will work every single day to keep this county the safest place for you and your family as I have always wanted to have for mine. We are all in this together and I am here to help serve you.

Sheriff Martin Signature
 Sheriff Roy Martin