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Scam Alert

The SCAM keeps progressing.
We have had multiple calls regarding a Harrison phone number calling citizens, stating that they have missed jury duty and there is warrant for their arrest. They are very convincing and have said to mask their phone number to be the Sheriff's Office phone number - also asking for the person to get pre-paid Visa cards in order to take care of their warrants. They will also drops of people in the community like Judge Robert Hathaway. Saying he signed the warrant against you.
All of this is false.
1. We will not call you about your warrant.
2. We will not ask for money to take care of your warrant.
3. Judge Robert Hathaway does not sign warrants
4. PLEASE CALL US! We will be happy to answer any questions you have. And verify if we have called you.
5. Do not give personal information (even the Sheriff's Office) over the phone.
6. We do not take Pre-paid Visa cards as payment.
Stay safe!

We have been notified from the Boone County District court that they have received multiple calls from people stating the Boone County Sheriff's Office is calling them talking about fines and fees and requesting personal information over the phone. THIS IS A SCAM!! We are not calling people talking about fines and fees! DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT TO ANYBODY OVER THE PHONE!