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Scam Alert

Since March of 2018 the Boone County Sheriff’s Department has received multiple complaints concerning people being contacted via phone from subjects identifying themselves as employees of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, The US Marshals Service, and other law enforcement agencies in regards to the person having outstanding warrants. Most of the phone numbers these calls are being made from appear to be local numbers but in fact they are not. The sheriff’s department has discovered the phone numbers are being issued by an internet based phone service which allows the user to set their own prefix and phone number.


Sheriff Moore and the Boone County Sheriff’s Department would like to make the citizens of Boone County aware that the sheriff’s department will never contact a person via phone to collect warrant fees, court cost, or fines over the phone. Sheriff Moore recommends any citizen who receives one of these phone calls to please contact the sheriff’s department or their local law enforcement agency to confirm the information they are being told is true prior to completing any transactions. The sheriff’s department is actively investigating this matter.


Below is an example of the phone call a person is likely to receive from one of these subjects.


During these phone calls a subject will inform the person they have an outstanding warrant for failing to appear for jury duty and the only way to take care of the warrant is to pay a specified amount via phone. The subject will then tell the person they need to go purchase a prepaid visa credit card, deposit the specified amount on the prepaid credit card, and then provide the subject with the prepaid credit card number so the subject can withdraw the specified amount from the card to pay the person’s fine.

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